Russell Westbrook May Got Big Injury This Year Even Early Retirement ( With Video )

Hi, I am Shawn He, this video I will show you some info about basketball players’ injury.

History always have striking similarities, NBA is no exception.

In recent decades of NBA, many players because of excessive overdraw their stamina, caused serious injury, such as Isaiah Thomas, Dwyane Wade, Derrick Rose, Allen Iverson, and so on. Small players are at a disadvantage in basketball game, so they must run and jump more and more.

Russell Westbrook is a great NBA player. He jumps very high and run very fast. When Durant left, Westbrook became the chief player of the Thunder, in order to lead the team to achieve a good rank, Westbrook need to pay more effort than before, he did it, the thunder’s rank is really good in this season. Especially he has achieved amazing personal accomplishments this year.

Just because of this, his body will easy to get big injury, it may be caused his status decline or even prematurely end his career.

A short basketball player, especially their shooting skills are not particularly prominent, they always run more and break through to layup, in order to get closer to the basket to get a relatively stable shooting percentage.

If you always play so hard, it is easy to lead your body overload, especially when a top level teammate left, the drawbacks of your body will be exposed.

You need to play twice than before, and when your fatigue accumulated in a long time, your spine and bones will become fragile. If you got a injury at this time, it may become a very serious injury, which led to your status decline or even retired.

In recent years, there are many examples. Such as Derrick Rose, he is a great basketball player and love to jump high to dunk, and the most layups were jump as high as he can, eventually lead to injury and stop playing game for a long time, after the injury, he was join New York Knicks, but he is also very difficult to find back his best status.

Another example is Dwyane Wade, after entering the NBA just met Shaq O’Neal , so he used almost all energy to get the championship in that year, but after that year Shaq O’Neal ‘s status start decline, Dwyane Wade jump high for almost all his score of the NBA game , too much jump caused the injurie and the Miami Heat’s rank always not good, until LeBron James came.

Isaiah Thomas was the same, he blocked Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen many times in that years and got two NBA champions, if he was not injured, Michael Jordan would be very difficult to win the 1st NBA champion. Just because Isaiah’s bounce was very good and jumped too much, overdraft his stamina and caused a serious injury, and then his status slipped, he can not played as before until he retired and then Michael Jordan got his best chance to win the NBA champion.

Allen Iverson is similar, after entering NBA, Iverson was famous because of his crossover, his long shot is not so good, so he can only run more and more to make chance to layup, this was consumed his stamina too much and his body always had many injuries, especially for small players, so his injuries accumulate more and more serious, and he can not get the championship until he retired.

No one is really Iron Man, when we were young, we always did not know this clearly, but when we suffered a serious injury, we had to stop playing basketball game and training for six months or even more, this is fatal for a professional basketball player, and you are likely to lose your shooting feeling. When your physical fatigue accumulates to a certain extent, serious injury will have a great chance to appear, causing you can not play basketball any more.

Russell Westbrook May Got Big Injury This Year Even Early Retirement

Generally, when we use our body too much, the most prone to injury is Achilles tendon tear, as well as fracture and vertebral bone problems. It’s not just about your career, even your life will be changed. In this case, we’d best to strengthen our shooting rationality and training shooting more than before, make more chances for jump shot, do not dunk and lay up as less as you can. Then you will not use your physical excessively and your basketabll career will be extended, just as Michael Jordan did.

Russell Westbrook played too hard this year, he want to prove that he can also lead the team played well without Kevin Durant, but he used his physical excessively, it really may caused a big injury and lead to a shortening of his career.

My English is not good enough, if some words are not accurate, I am sorry.

That is all, see you next time.


15 years basketball shooting research experience, in clude Michael Jordan hard hand shooting form 5 years, Stephen Curry soft hand shooting form 5 years, Tracy McGrady 2 years, Ray Allen 1 year, Kyrie Irving 1 year, Steve Nash 1 Year.

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