How To: Stephen Curry Shooting Form Secret with 38 Tips (Part 1)

This time I will show you 38 shooting tips of Stephen Curry's shooting form. After learning these techniques, you will almost know how to shoot a basketball like Steph, and make your shooting much more accurate and stable.

The tips include 15 basic tips, 13 advanced tips and 10 professional tipes. The basic tips you can train it when you just start learn palying basketball, the advanced tips need you have a good base, always after you playing 3-5 years to learn. The professional tips always need you at least played 10 years.

First, I will show you the basic tips:

1. Soft Hand Shooting Type

There are three main hand types for basketball shooting, hard hand, soft hand and medium hard hand.

Soft hand is a progressive shooting hand type, it is fit for very much. Soft hand need your whole shooting hand relaxed, and all parts of you hand is close to the ball tightly.

So there are no space from your palm and the ball. This is contradictory for the traditional theory, the traditional shooting hand should have some space between the ball and palm:

That just because the three point line appeared after 1980s, the soft hand type is just a evolutionary technique for long shot.

But the tradition is hard to change, so Stephen Curry always said his shooting hand type is wrong, that's funny, best basketball shooter shoot a ball with wrong hand type, are you kidding?

Actually there are many great NBA players shoot with soft hand type, they are John Stockton, Steve Nash, Tracy McGrady, etc.

The feature of soft hand is the five fingers are closed almost paralleled, the fingers always curved, and the wrist is relaxed, after shooting, the shooting hand always swing up and down.

2. Shooting From Shoulder

This is an important basic technique, the instinct of human always want to release the ball from your eyes, make your eyesight and the release force in the same line.

But is is not accord with the motion of your body.

Our body just like a machine, because of body structure, there are only one way to release the ball in a perfect straight line, that is release the ball from shoulder.

Just as Stephen Curry's one hand drill, our shooting hand is on the side of our head, in the front view, almost on our shoulder.

When we release the ball, our shooting arm will straight in the straight force line naturally.

3. Release Ball with Parallel Fingers

When we shoot a ball with hard hand, our fingers always be separated in long distance, so some short fingers are hard to nail the ball when releasing.

But our five fingers of soft hand are closed just like parallel, so when we release the ball, all fingers can roll the ball in a same straight line, the shooting force is more agglomerate.

4. Release Ball with Fingertips

Soft hand shooting form is with a whole hand release technique, but the fingertips nails ball skill is also basic and important.

The five fingertips nail the ball will control the direction of your shooting force. No matter what hand types you shoot with, the five fingertips skill are all basic.

5. Parallel Feet Standing

If we do not train this, with the human instinct, our feet will always outward when we are standing. That will not good for jump, the power from two legs will be emanative.

So we should make our two feet parallel, right foot a little in front, and the right foot toward to the center of hoop, make it to be your new instinct, and then you will have a good base.

6. Heels Contact Ground

Before we start to shoot, we must stand stably, many famous basketball players said shooting force from the ground.

The standing tech is just as the foundation for a building, if we cannot stand stably, though you have top level hand skill of release, it still will reduce your shooting accuracy.

Heels contact the ground, not jump with heels, just when you stand before to shoot, your heels just stick to the ground, and then jump naturally.

Some players always jump when only tiptoes contact ground for the basic shooting training, but this skill is just for catch and shoot, it will make you jump quicker in game, not good for base.

7.Aim To The Center Of The Hoop

Where and How to aim? The front of the hoop or the back of the hoop. This is always discuss by many players, and indeed this is very important for our shooting training.

Stephen Curry has been give an answer, that is front of the hoop. This is a precise description, because if we jump high or shoot a long three, we cannot see the back of the hoop.

Actually we need to imagine a 3D environment, and judge the distance to the center of the hoop. When we aim to the front of the hoop, actually we just aim to the center of the hoop.

8. Release Point

Before 1980s, NBA was no 3 point line, so the basketball players always lift the ball very high to shoot, avoid block. So at that time, the most player shoot a ball with high elbow release point.

But after the 3 point line appeared, the high elbow release point was no longer fit for the long shot. Then many low elbow shooters start to lead NBA, the representative player is Michael Jordan.

Most person always think Michael Jordan was shooting with high elbow release point, because last years MJ's always with high elbow release point.

But actually, Michael Jordan's shooting form is low elbow, he trained this release point in college, that is very important base, then Michael Jordan dominated the NBA.

Stephen Curry is still shoot with , and he even make it lowest, so he lost the shooting height, but his shot can get the longest distance and highest arc.

9. Left Hand Press Ball

Some players think Stephen Curry's shooting form is two hands shot, but it is terrible wrong, Steph Has been explained it many times that his shooting form is one hand.

Left hand is aided, it always on the side of the basketball. But it is not exact lateral, you need put your left hand a little upward and forward.

Then your left fingertips can press the ball to your palm and wrist, make your wrist under the center of the ball, your right hand will on the right position to release the ball.

10. Vertical Right Forearm

When you lift the ball to release point, if your right forearm almost vertical naturally in front view, you will easy to take a shot with straight shooting force.

Once your right forearm almost vertical, your right hand will flat to hold the ball, and then your five fingers can give the ball a pure straight force, lead your ball into the straight shooting force pathway.


15 years basketball shooting research experience, in clude Michael Jordan hard hand shooting form 5 years, Stephen Curry soft hand shooting form 5 years, Tracy McGrady 2 years, Ray Allen 1 year, Kyrie Irving 1 year, Steve Nash 1 Year.

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