How To: Stephen Curry S-Shape Upward Shooting Form Secret

This post is about a special feature of Stephen Curry's form.

Stephen Curry's shooting skills are really amazing, his shooting almost all accord with the straight shooting force theory. He is a low elbow shooting player, and his right elbow is inward with a perfect and rational range.

We know Stephen Curry's shooting skill is great and something has special. His real shooting average is more than 95% in his training. This shooting average is really too high, the most player do not have such a high shooting average.

So Stephen Curry must have some distinctive skills to improve his shooting form. His shooting arc is higher than the most NBA shooters, and his straight shooting force is also better than others. We all know that the high arc is really important for shooting a three. But how can we shoot with higher arc?

This post I will show you a very important feature and skill of Stephen Curry's shooting form, the S-shape release force. After you master this skill, you can find it really a big help for your upward high arc shooting.

First, let us check the S-shape feature details. This is a distinctive feature of Stephen Curry's shooting form, we can find this feature when Stephen Curry releasing the ball, and sometimes it still repeated appeared after his shot. This is the S-Shape feature.

Please note the S-shape feature is only for low elbow shooting form, because your upper arm is always very high in a high elbow shooting form, the S-shape will be meaningless. We can check John Wall's , his is a obvious upward shooting form, but this shot is really do not have the S-shape feature when he releasing the ball. And in my training videos, many of my upward shooting form also do not have this feature.

Now we can see the S-shape feature is appeared when Stephen Curry's forearm was not vertical, and his upper arm was lifted almost 45 degree. That means when a normal shooter shoot a three, when his forearm was vertical,at the same time, Stephen Curry's upper arm was higher than this shooter, Stephen Curry's upper arm and his elbow gave the ball more upward force. So his shooting must have a higher arc.

Now we should to know add the S-shape feature into our upward shooting form. There are 5 tips you can choose to help your upward shooting force.

The 1st tip is quick release

I have test this tip many years, the same upward shooting form, when we shoot the ball quicker, the S-shape feature will be involuntary appeared.

The 2nd tip is upward force with two hands first

Many basketball players start to release the ball with right hand only at the release point, the left hand do not move, this is a good habit for straight force. But if your left hand help your upward force a while after your set point, the two hands will add the S-shape feature into your shooting form.

The 3rd tip is right elbow upward force

This tip is very fit for player, because the soft hand shooting form always have the up-and-down elbow problem. At the release point, when we start to release the ball, we can first give the ball a upward force with our elbow, and even we can only shoot a ball with this elbow force with soft hand shooting form.

The 4th tip is release the ball to upward point

Let us check this picture, we always release the ball at the point A, actually the release force more close to the top of your head, the point B,

it means your shooting force more vertical, and your shooting arm will be more vertical, and the S-shape feature will be always appeared.

The 5th tip is do not press the ball with too much force

If your left hand press the ball with a big force, especially repeated press the ball at the release point on the top of the ball, your right arm will hard to shoot with the S-shape feature. Just press the ball with a moderate force, then your shooting form will easy to have the S-shape feature.

Now all the 5 tips I have told you, the 5 tips are not all necessary, you can choose some of the tips witch fit for your shooting form and make your shooting more comfortable.

At last, here are still a simple way to train your S-shape force, that is stand close to the hoop, and just release the ball, your shooting form will be automatical have the S-shape feature.

If you shoot hundreds of times every day, your muscle will be remember this feeling, the S-shape shooting form will be one of your habit.


15 years basketball shooting research experience, in clude Michael Jordan hard hand shooting form 5 years, Stephen Curry soft hand shooting form 5 years, Tracy McGrady 2 years, Ray Allen 1 year, Kyrie Irving 1 year, Steve Nash 1 Year.

5 thoughts on “How To: Stephen Curry S-Shape Upward Shooting Form Secret

  1. Basketball tips shotur can you really need help me because when i’m shooting from 3point especially
    is hard to shoot when i’m short 4’11 can you give good tips to have more arc on my shot

  2. Hey, do you consider eye-dominance? Many great shooters like Kevin Durant and Ray Allen seem to be left-eye dominant players, who align their shooting hand with their left-eye (an extreme version of this is/was Lonzo Ball).

    What do you think about that?

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