Stephen Curry: Mid-Shot Can Dominate The NBA Finals

In 2019 NBA Finals Games 3, Stephen Curry got his career high 47 points, but he still lost the game 3.

In the Game 2, Stphen Curry have no shots in 4th period, he still not found the right way to dominate the NBA finals for the clutch shots.

Actually, Stephen Curry's shooting control ability is the top level, but he almost lost his self-confidence, some of this is because of his experience in his high school, and some reason is the need relaxing status.

In my mind, Golden State Warriors almost found the correct tactics when VS Houston Rockets, in the 4th period, the whole GSW players all in mid-range, thery became unstoppable, and when the Rockets's players defend for the mid-shots, they got more good chances for the three point shooting.

But very pity they just played only one game with this statics, or the NBA 2019 FInals would be changed. Except this, Stephen Curry's personal problem still not be improved. How to find the best chance to shoot a three? This article I will share some method for you.

1. Take more and more mid-shots

Because of his best shooting skills, Stephen Curry can shoot from everywhere on the half-court, but if he try to find three point shooting chances almost everytime, the opponents will be easy to defend you, because you just run into a little piece area. Actually, Stephen Curry's mid-shot is still better than the others, when the most teammates hurts, take more mid-shot can give us more chances to take a three point shot, and better than the substitutions wasted the good shooting chances, because our live space is larger.

2. Hang Jump Shot for Three

In the NBA Finals, almost all players played harder than in the regular season, so the quick release will have a lower shooting average. At this time, more hang jump shot can easy to get far away from the defenders hands.

And hang jump shot has many advantages, the most important thing is the hang jump shot can jump to every orientation, not only vertical upward jump, but to all directions. This can help you easy to jump and get far away from the defenders in the air. And if you can not get rid of the defenders, you can still jump to shoot.

3. Run and Run and Crossover to Shoot

This is the most practical skills in the NBA Finals, in the critical moments, the dribbling no need too many motion, the simple, the better. You just run and run and stop running suddenly, then take a jump shot or fade away. This skill can lead you find more and more shooting spaces.

We can also check Michael Jordan's last shot:

Just run and run, and then stop or crossover, then, the large space is here.


15 years basketball shooting research experience, in clude Michael Jordan hard hand shooting form 5 years, Stephen Curry soft hand shooting form 5 years, Tracy McGrady 2 years, Ray Allen 1 year, Kyrie Irving 1 year, Steve Nash 1 Year.

One thought on “Stephen Curry: Mid-Shot Can Dominate The NBA Finals

  1. There is something I think you could make a video on and research the topic. Because you know how every nba playing has different sized arms and fingers and even more. I think it would be a good Idea to make a video or article about what to change if you are sized are larger then curry let’s say or shorter then his armspan. So, we can get the same results as him and find the version of his shot that works best for us. I hope that makes sense, and I look forward to seeing more of your helpful videos

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