Why Stephen Curry Difficult to get FMVP Award with 6 Technical Reasons

Stephen Curry is a great basketball player, and he is the best active 3 point shooter in NBA, he have won the NBA championships and MVP twice, but he still did not have even one FMVP award.

We all know that if you are a leader of the team, we should prove our value in the NBA Finals, so a FMVP is necessary. Stephen Curry led the Golden State Warriors in NBA Finals twice, but the 1st time the FMVP was Andre Iguodala, the 2nd FMVP was Kevin Durant. Stephen Curry really need a FMVP to prove himself.

Every great basketball player in NBA history almost all have been got the FMVP award, such as Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Earvin Johnson, but why Stephen Curry so difficult to be FMVP?

1. Soft Hand Shooting Form

Soft hand type is a long form, we must relax our wrists even whole body, this will help Stephen Curry to shoot with less force and shoot further. But because the hand always shake after shooting and the body relaxing all will not make Stephen Curry's very stable in the important games.

In fact, the soft hand type is fit for long shot and quick release the ball, but it is not good for clutch shot, because Stephen Curry's relaxed shooting hand can not hold the ball as stable as , when he was shooting his right hand is not fixed shape, the 5 fingers can not give the ball a stable force.

When Stephen Curry in a critical moment, his whole bady will be tensed, but the soft hand shooting form need the body relaxing, so his shooting average will be reduced.

To improve this, Stephen Curry should take more perimeter shots and hang jump shots, and then his offensive skills will be more fit for the NBA Finals.

2. Gorgeous Pass

Stephen Curry's pass is really dazzling, he has so many imaginative passes show for us, but just like Jason Williams' confusion, their passes were only gorgeous in the NBA season but not in playoffs.

The reason is in the playoffs, all defenders are more focused, they were more quicker and the scope of defense has expanded. The available space is reduced, if you still passed as in the season game, the turnovers will be more.

To improve this Stephen Curry can reference Michael Jordan, his passes in the NBA Finals almost all very cautious, the gorgeous pass was very infrequent, but he had won all the NBA Finals.

3. Interference With Left Thumb

Stephen Curry's shooting skills almost perfect, but he still has something to improve, the one of them is his left thumb skill.

We all know that the left hand just for helping us to catch and hold the ball, it is an auxiliary role, but since we became a good shooter, we always forget this.

In NBA, there are only few palyers realized how important the left hands are, such as Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, and you know, they all became the NBA Finals terminators to the end.

In fact the left thumb is small, but it may gave Stephen Curry a big obstruction to his clutch shot. When Stephen was training, his body was relaxed, the left thumb's effect was small, but in the important games, Stephen Curry's body is intensed, at that time the left thumb's force will increase and make Stephen Curry score harder than normal.

4. No Undefendable Set-Piece

Stepehn Curry is good at shooting and dribbling, but till now, he still do not have one undefendable offensive technic.

Such as Michael Jordan, his fade away was really amazing, he jump high and always did not in the same direction, so all defenders are difficult to judge where he will release the ball.

Allen Iverson is the same, his crossover is also undefendable, too fast and the defenders hard to judge where he will run to.

Stephen Curry always hard to find a good chance to shoot, so he must create chance by himself. If Stephen Curry make more stepbacks or drift jump shots, he will play better in the NBA Finals. The Drift Jump Shot is also undefendable, if Stephen Curry do more drift jump shot training, his clutch shot will be much more easier than before.

5. No Crossover With Stride Before 3 Point Shooting

Start from the playoffs, the defenders all played with more energy and they ran faster than before. So the shooting chance was also less than before.

Stephen Curry always shoot after some dribblings with high barycenter, this made him easy to catch the ball and quick release.

Stephen Curry's dribbling is fast, but the barycenter was too high so it was hard for him to get out of the defense. If Stephen could master Allen Iverson's crossover skills, he can make more chance than before and easy to dominate the NBA games.

The crossover in 1998 Michael Jordan's last shot is also very utility, if Stephen Curry can copy this skill, the stride crossover will make more chances for shooting a three.

6. Shoot Too Fast

Stephen Curry always shoot with quick release skills in the NBA games, this made his shots difficult to block and with less force, but also made his shooting average was not stable.

The shooting chances in the NBA Final Games is really valuable, if you made too many impatient shots, you really waste a lot of chances, of course you can not get th FMVP.

In fact Stephen Curry's release speed is not so quick, we can see his freethrow gif below:

This is the true speed of Stephen Curry's shooting form, in the game he always released quicker to elude the block. If Stephen Curry can shoot with this speed in the every open shot chance in the NBA Finals, he will dominate the game easier.

Especially for some open shots chances, if Stephen Curry calm down and just shoot like he was training, he will have a chance to dominate the NBA Final Games like Michael Jordan.


15 years basketball shooting research experience, in clude Michael Jordan hard hand shooting form 5 years, Stephen Curry soft hand shooting form 5 years, Tracy McGrady 2 years, Ray Allen 1 year, Kyrie Irving 1 year, Steve Nash 1 Year.

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