2 Basic Basketball Shooting Hand Types: Stiff Hand and Soft Hand

Many person do not know that there are really 2 basic hand types for basketball shooting. Almost all basketball coaches always teach us only one shooting hand type. That hand type is just a bassic tip, with the distance of the NBA 3 point line increased, with the NBA defensive pressure is more and more big, with the continuous development of basketball skills, we need shoot deep threes more and more, if you still use the old shooting rotate ball skill, you will very difficult to have good three point shot percentage. The old shooting hand type skills is not enough for today's basketball game.

Every industry never ending improvement in the history, they are all uninterrupted in the reform and , the basketball is also be. In fact, some NBA good shooters have improved the skills in 1990s, just as Steve Kerr, Jeff Hornacek, John Stockton, etc. They are all great three point shooters, their skills not completely the same but they really different from the old classic shooting skills. Today, more and more NBA players start shooting with the improved technology, and they still improve the skill more and more perfect. No matter in any industry, to reform must break the tradition. So in the present, a lot of NBA players are using modified shooting technique, just as Stephen , Kyrie Irving, Carmelo Anthony, , etc.

In 2005 I found there are 2 basic basketball shooting types in fact, not only one shooting hand type. Even we said basic shooting skills and hand types, indeed there are two, not only one. Some of the NBA great three point shooers especially who have great deep three skill, they are use this advanced shooting techniques in a long time. Every industry has a conservative in the maintenance of the tradition, if you changed and improved the classic technique, they will blame you day by day. So almost all of them laid low and use these techniques in silence. Just as Curry and T-mac, even you ask them shoot, they said their shooting skill was wrong, you were right, this just because of the classic, we can really hard to explain what we have improved, even Curry have proved he is a great three point shooter, if he said he has improved the basic shooting technique, the classic skills not good enough for today's three point shooting, the conservatives will blame you, even the conservatives just a beginner for basketball shooting.

After I found the two shooting hand types, according to their different shapes and power, I called them stiff hand type and type.

Stiff Hand Type


Just as the pic shows, use the stiff-hand shooting hand type your five fingers should forced open, your whole hand muscles are tight, your hand is stiff, rigid or inflexible. This is the basic shooting hand type, this is also the classic shooting hand type. We always said that when you are shooting you need to empty out your palm, that is for this stiff-hand shooting hand type, not for soft hand.


In this article, I just introduce there are 2 basic shooting hand types, I will not write too much in this article, there will be 2 special articles to narrate these 2 shooting hand types, one for stiff hand, one for soft hand.


Just as this pic shows, the dorsum of your stiff-hand side looks like a basin or the bottom of a bowl after you shoot a ball.

The representative basketball players are Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant,later career Ray Allen and the most of basketball centers.

Of course this hand type is best for perimeter shot, it is also good for normal three point jump shot but it very very difficult to shoot a easy power deep three.


Soft Hand Type


Just as its name implies, your whole hand should very soft, relax your hand even your wrist, your five figers bent naturally, almost all your fingers are in one orientation.


When you are shooting with this soft hand type, you will not need to empty the palm of the hand. This shooting hand type is best for three point shooting, even for deep three, even you shooting from the center circle of the basketball court.


As the pic shows, when you are using this soft hand shooting type, the dorsum of your hand side looks like arch. This hand type lead your hand very soft, so the ball will tight your hand completely. your shooting will be very easy, you just need a very small force to shoot a deep three. This hand type no need to empty the palm of your hand even you shoul press the ball on your wrist with no space.



15 years basketball shooting research experience, in clude Michael Jordan hard hand shooting form 5 years, Stephen Curry soft hand shooting form 5 years, Tracy McGrady 2 years, Ray Allen 1 year, Kyrie Irving 1 year, Steve Nash 1 Year.

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