My Long Shot Training from Half Court Basketball Shooting in 2007

This cut from my 2007 training. I 's shooting that day. I do not make videos all day, just when I found my shooting posture had something wrong. The objective of this training was test my right elbow height.

T-mac's right elbow is really low, I need shooting with the same elbow height. I really feel good that day and I thought my elbow may be low enough so I test a few long from the half court.

I do not always test my shooting from half court, may be one year only once, because it will really helpful to find my wrong tips of shooting from this long distance. I found my right elbow still not low enough in this video, in another word, a little too high. I have fixed it about one month later.


15 years basketball shooting research experience, in clude Michael Jordan hard hand shooting form 5 years, Stephen Curry soft hand shooting form 5 years, Tracy McGrady 2 years, Ray Allen 1 year, Kyrie Irving 1 year, Steve Nash 1 Year.

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