Manu Ginobili a Clutch Drift Shot Analysis

is a great basketball player, he helped the San Antonio Spurs got 4 Champions.

We love Manu Ginobili just because he like a killer, he is very cool and in the critical moment he always make great clutch shots and put the ball into the hoop.

Manu Ginobili is pretty smart, he and the Spurs are mutually beneficial, just because Manu Ginobili is not the top level basketball player, but he got 4 NBA champions rings. But without Manu Ginobili help, the Spurs also could not got the 4 champions.

This post I will analyze a clutch of Manu Ginobili, in a game Spurs VS Celtics, Manu Ginobili made two clutch shots in the last moment, this is the 1st clutch shot, it is a drift jump shot.

Just check the gif pic below:

As the pic shows, the teammate dribbled the ball and passed to Manu Ginobili, but the pass was not good enough, Manu Ginobili fast ran to him to get the ball, and he was not stopped, jumped high immediately, he was not shoot in the first time, he just drift and adjust his set-point in the air, and make force, then he released the ball with hard hand form.

Let's check the 2nd gif picture:

In this picture we can see clearly that Manu Ginobili was not shot with the borrowed-force shooting form, his arm was stay and make the set-point again in the air, after this, he start to release.

Why Manu Ginobili is so good at clutch shot, not only because he shoot with the hard hand type, the very important reason is his is very good, especially his left arn skills and making force are almost perfect.

Just check the pic below:

We can see that Manu's Left forearm and upper arm made a very small angle, this will make his shooting with less force and make better balance. His left elbow is aim to the hoop and adjust in the air with a few moment, when Manu finished making the set-point in the air, his clutch shot will be very easy to score just like a free throw.

Manu's right hand was putting on the top of the ball, the fingers of right hand pressed the ball to the left palm. Then the release force would be not wasted.


15 years basketball shooting research experience, in clude Michael Jordan hard hand shooting form 5 years, Stephen Curry soft hand shooting form 5 years, Tracy McGrady 2 years, Ray Allen 1 year, Kyrie Irving 1 year, Steve Nash 1 Year.

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